The Company


Zakład Wytwarzania Artykułów z Gumy – DanGum

was founded in 1988. The founder was Danuta Stopczyńska, present owner of the company. The company’s headquarters, along with the entire infrastructure is located on the territory of Oleśnica in Dolnośląskie Province.

Priority in the activity of the company is manufacture of rubber products, with high-quality technical seals being the key product.

Thanks to thoughtful decisions, experience and investments financed from its own funds, the company has significantly increased its production area, partly renewed its machinery, upgraded production technology and changed the manner of production management.

Years of experience allowed us to achieve high quality of our products. However, this does not change the fact that we feel constant need to improve production processes, with particular emphasis on the quality mentioned above.


The Company was soon noticed and recognized by its customers, providing them with reliable and complex service. We have become a competent partner for many companies in Poland as well as beyond the borders of our country. We owe our position on the market mainly to the high quality of our products. We ourselves design and produce molds for our products, which allows for fast delivery of a wide range of products, while meeting the requirements of our clients.

Proper management by effective decision-making related to efficient use of resources facilitates continual development of the company. We are committed to ensure that any action taken by the company is highly professional, through constant research on the current situation on the economic market. All those qualities as well as efficiency of operation make it possible for us meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients. We have all the necessary attests and certificates required by the clients, which confirm the high quality of our products.

This is proved by the fact that the owner of the company took strategic decision to implement and continuously improve


We offer

We provide constructions and models on our own.
We also complete customised orders at the request of a client.

Our offer includes the following: