Privacy Policy


Zakład Wytwarzania Artykułów z Gumy Danuta Stopczyńska respects users’ right to privacy. It takes special care to protect personal data of our clients, preventing interference in the privacy of our customers by any third party.

Personal information

You may use our online service without disclosing your personal data. They may, however, be circumstances in which ZWAG will need data from a user.
You may decide to disclose your personal data in order to send a request for quote. In such case, you will be asked to enter such data as: company name, Tax Identification Number (NIP), name and surname of a contact person, address of the company seat, email address for electronic correspondence, as well as login and password. In the form, you should also indicate whether you are interested in receiving information about our new products and, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act currently in force – agree for your personal data to be processed for marketing purposes by ZWAG.
Please note that the user’s agreement for processing by ZWAG of his/her personal data for marketing purposes is entirely voluntary. Each user shall have the right to review and correct the data they entered.
We process users’ data, with their consent, in order to send commercial offers as well as advertising and information materials.

Protection and quality of data

The intention of ZWAG is to protect users’ personal data, therefore ZWAG implements appropriate measures and processes such as the use of encryption when transferring data covered by special protection. Through such actions, personal data remains secured and its quality is maintained.

Notification on changes

This privacy statement was created on 7th January 2005. After any modification made to it, relevant information will be displayed on the home page of our service.

Tips for users

If you share your computer with others, remember to log out after you finished using our website. As a result, your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party.
Personal information provided in the registration process is known by you and ZWAG only. We will not ask you to provide this data through electronic letters. In the event of any doubt we will resolve it by phone, so make sure that you have entered a correct phone number.