Nitrile butadiene rubber is a copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene, where the double bond of butadiene component have been fully or partially hydrogenated.
Intermolecular superoxide cross-linking formation by a double bond raises its temperature and oxidising stability. Rubber materials prepared in this way have high mechanical resistance and greater resistance to abrasion. They show slightly higher resistance to media than in case of NBR. Operating temperature ranges from -30°C to +150°C.

Temperature range -30°C ÷ +150°C
Hardness (IRHD) 79
Resistance to media
  • hydraulic fluids based on mineral oils
  • acid gases
  • ozone
  • diesel fuel
  • diluted acids and alkalis
  • vegetable and animal fats
  • aliphatic carbohydrates